Today I am jumping on the bandwagon and diving into a 10×10 Winter Closet Challenge! This is my first time, so be gentle, closet!

What is a 10×10?

This is an exercise in wardrobe creativity dreamed up by Lee over at Style Bee. Basically, you select 10 items to style into 10 different outfits, then wear them over 10 days. That’s it!

The general goal is to get more creative with what’s already in your closet. For those of us practicing minimalism in our wardrobes, it’s super important to figure out multiple ways to style each and every item in our closets.

Why Am I Participating?

I’ve been playing around with adopting a capsule wardrobe for the past several months, but honestly, I’m having some trouble getting into the groove. I’m working with a very limited number of items in my wardrobe right now, and I’ve been feeling very bored. Lately, I stare into my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear. It doesn’t help that there are no real seasons in San Diego, so I don’t ever need to swap out the pieces in my closet based on the weather.

I want to learn how to work with what’s already in my closet instead of giving into the urge to add more. That’ll be good for my wallet, good for the environment and good for my overall zen.

What Are My Goals?

Along with having the broad goal of closet creativity, I have a few other things I want to accomplish during these 10 days:

Get Out of My Comfort Zone: When I get into a style slump, I tend to grab for the same t-shirts and jeans combos. It’s pretty much my standard uniform that I’ve been wearing for years. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. It’s me. But part of my motivation for starting a capsule in the first place was to challenge myself to wear outfits that are just at the edge of my comfort zone. During this 10×10 Winter Challenge, I want to move into that space and take a step forward with my style.

Get Familiar With My Navy Tunic: When I first decided to start my style journey a few months ago, I bought a couple of investment pieces for my closet. One was this Tradlands tunic that was a bit of a reach for me. I don’t wear dresses often, and generally avoid ones that don’t have a defined waist. And as it turns out, I’ve only worn it once in three months. Not a good investment! So my second goal during this 10×10 Winter Challenge is to figure out how I can comfortably wear this tunic.

Get Inspired: Maybe the best thing about participating in the 10×10 challenges is that there is an amazing community of ladies joining in (check out #winter10x10 on Instagram for a look). I’m looking forward to getting loads of style inspiration from all my new 10×10 friends. If you’ve never done a 10×10 challenge before, you should join in!

What Am I Wearing?

10x10 winter closet challenge | ecocurated fashion |

Basic Black Tee (Everlane)

Striped Cotton Shirt (Tradlands)

Oversized Sweater (thrifted, similar ethical)

Chambray Shirt (Rails, similar ethical)

Navy Tunic (Tradlands)

Green Army Jacket (Lucky Brand, old, similar)

Blue Boyfriend Denim (Everlane)

Black Skinny Denim (Madewell, similar ethical)

Sneakers (Veja)

Chelsea Boots (Nisolo)

Are you participating in the Winter 10×10 Challenge? Check out my Instagram to see how I’m styling these pieces. I hope to see some of your 10×10 outfits there!