Hello, I’m Cassi!

I’m a scientist by day, and I write about sustainable style after my kids are in bed at night.

Curated Cassi is a space where I explore my own personal style while I learn more about eco fashion and sustainable living. My mission is to educate other women about the environmental harm of the fashion industry, while demonstrating that it’s possible to be environmentally conscious and fashionable at the same time. On Curated Cassi you’ll find tips for building an eco-friendly wardrobe, styling eco fashion items, and living a more sustainable lifestyle.

I started Curated Cassi in 2017 during the postpartum slump after having my youngest child. I was questioning my identity, feeling hormonal and frumpy, and up all night with my daughter looking for something to pass the time. I started reading fashion blogs to inspire a personal style makeover, and stumbled across the sustainable fashion movement. At the time, I also was thinking a lot about the things I was doing to the planet that could affect my children’s future experiences in the world. A perfect storm ensued. My desire to redefine my style after having children combined with my concern for the environment and Curated Cassi was born.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey while I learn how to commit to the environment without breaking up with my style.