It’s mid-January and winter is fully upon us! Well, it’s fully upon you because as I’m writing this it’s almost 80 degrees outside and I’m relaxing in a t-shirt with the back door open. But some of you poor saps are dealing with single digit temperatures, ice storms and mountains of snow. This post is for you! I put together some of my favorite eco-friendly winter accessories that will keep you warm until things thaw out in a few months.

Scarves and Cowls to Shield You From the Cold

Cowl Neck Scarf // Alpaca Wool // Krochet KidsCowl Neck Scarf // Alpaca Wool // Krochet Kids
elford striped organic wool scarfElford Striped Scarf // Organic Cotton and Wool // Thought
recycled cotton scarfMekong Scarf // Recycled Cotton Jersey // tonlè
Geo Print Scarf // Organic Cotton and Lyocell // Eileen FisherGeo Print Scarf // Organic Cotton and Lyocell // Eileen Fisher
Paisley Silver Scarf | Alpaca wool | Krochet Kids | Eco-friendly winter accessoriesPaisley Scarf // Alpaca Wool // Krochet Kids
Stripe Scarf // Wool // People TreeStripe Scarf // Wool // People Tree

Alpaca wool, organic cotton, tencel and recycled cotton are all showing up for the party, so there are textures and styles to suit everyone’s taste. And if you live in southern California like me, there are a few lighter scarfs that you can wear for fun while the rest of the country is shivering and dreaming of 70 degree days.

My favorite is the mekong scarf from tonlè (top right). It’s made with a zero-waste mentality by using factory remnants that were salvaged and lovingly handwoven to create a beautiful striped scarf.

Wool Hats to Warm Your Dome

Dariya Hat | Thought | Eco-friendly Winter Accessories | curatedcassi.comDariya Hat // Organic Cotton and Wool // Thought
Unbleached Cable Hat | People Tree | Eco-friendly Winter Accessories | curatedcassi.comCable Hat // Unbleached Wool // People Tree
Brix Hat | Crochet Kids | Eco-friendly Winter Accessories | curatedcassi.comBrix Beanie // Alpaca Wool // Krochet Kids
Nubby Knit Alpaca Hat | Ten Thousand Villages | Eco-friendly Winter Accessories | curatedcassi.comNubby Knit Hat // Alpaca Wool // Ten Thousand Villages
Andean Chill Hat | Ten Thousand Villages | Eco-friendly Winter Accessories | curatedcassi.comAndean Chill Hat // Alpaca Wool // Ten Thousand Villages
Marled Cable Knit Hat | Tradlands | Eco-friendly Winter Accessories | curatedcassi.comMarled Cable Knit Hat // Wool and Eco Fleece // Tradlands

Any of these wool hats will keep you toasty all winter, but if you’re looking for something super soft, check out those made with Alpaca. It’s softer than sheep’s wool, hypoallergenic and sustainably collected.

My personal favorite of the bunch is the Marled Cable Knit Hat from Tradlands (bottom right). I’m loving the neutral tone and simple design. And it’s lined with eco-friendly fleece to keep you extra warm.

Knit Mittens to Protect Your Mitts

Wool Mittens | Etsy | Eco-friendly Winter Accessories | curatedcassi.comWool Mittens // Wool // Etsy
Honeycomb Mittens | PeopleTree | Eco-friendly Winter Accessories | curatedcassi.comHoneycomb Mittens // Wool // People Tree
Elford Striped Wool Gloves | Thought | Eco-friendly Winter Accessories | curatedcassi.comElford Wool Gloves // Organic Cotton and Wool // Thought

My favorites are the Wool Mittens from Etsy (left). The neutral Fair Isle pattern gives them such a classic wintery look that I love. But the Alford glove’s (right) wool/organic cotton blend would be super comfy and lighter for days when it’s not quite as frigid.

That’s all folks! Whether your winter gear is eco-friendly or not, I hope you’re keeping warm out there!

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Do you have any favorite sustainable pieces in your winter wardrobe? I’d love to hear about more eco-friendly designers to check out.