Today, I want to do something a little different and share with you a fun DIY project that I did for my son’s second birthday party: handmade eco-friendly felt crowns!

I knew that I wanted to take some steps to make his birthday party less wasteful. Aside from the regular party culprits like paper plates, plasticware and wrapping paper, children’s birthday parties have another big offender: the party favors.

If you’re a parent, then chances are good that you’ve come home from a kid’s birthday party with a goodie bag full of stickers, stamps, mini-notebooks, plastic toys and individually-wrapped candy treats. The kids love them, but the environment does not. And if you’re an aspiring minimalist like me, the growing collection of these trinkets in your kid’s toy box stresses you out!

I’ll tell you more about all of the ways I revamped our party favors later this week, but today I’m giving you the directions for the handmade eco-friendly felt crowns I made for each of the kids attending our party.

My husband rented a bouncy castle for the day (not eco-friendly, but he insisted!) so I wanted to go with a king/queen theme. I thought crowns would be fun for the kids to wear while they bounced around.

I decided that I wanted to make them rather than buy them because I just got my first sewing machine! I’ve been looking for some simple projects to get my sewing skills up to speed. This is definitely a beginner-level project, so if you have limited sewing experience, don’t be afraid! My stitches were a little uneven, but I don’t think any of the two-year-olds cared.

If sewing’s not your thing and you’d rather just buy some cute eco-friendly crowns, you can check out this option from Etsy.

I used Eco-fi felt that is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Another great option would be some thrifted felt, if that’s available. And, of course, any old felt scraps that have been sitting around your house would also do just fine.

Materials You’ll Need:

Equipment You’ll Need:

How to Make the Eco-friendly Felt Crowns of Your Toddler’s Dreams:

We’ll start by drawing a crown pattern on the felt. I drew mine by hand for each crown – partially because I’m lazy and partially because I didn’t have any cardboard laying around. If you happen to have an old Amazon box or some extra paper, you might want to make a template. Either way, here’s how I drew out the crown and sewed it together:

Cut your 9″ x 12″ piece of felt in half longways so you have two 4.5″ x 12″ pieces. Stack them on top of each other and we’ll draw the crown pattern on the top piece.

Make a mark on the top edge at 6″ from the left side (i.e. exactly in the middle of the piece).

Make two marks at 3″ from the bottom edge: the first 2″ from the left side, the second 10″ from the left side.

eco-friendly felt crown of your toddlers dreams |

Make four marks at 1.5″ from the bottom edge: at the leftmost edge, at 4″ from the left, at 8″ from the left and at the rightmost edge.

Eco-friendly Felt Crown of Your Toddlers Dreams |

Connect the dots to make a pointed crown pattern.

Eco-friendly Felt Crown of Your Toddlers Dreams |

With your two pieces of felt stacked on top of each other, cut out the crown using a rotary cutter if you have one, or a pair of sharp scissors. You’ll have two cute little crowns!

Next, you’ll want to insert a piece of elastic about 1 inch in between the two pieces of felt. Then sew the pieces together leaving about a 1/4″ edge. Make sure to sew over top of the elastic to fix it in place. I used a 7″ piece of elastic for the toddler-sized crowns and a 9″ piece for the bigger kids.

Eco-friendly Felt Crown of Your Toddlers Dreams |

Trim the edges so your crown looks nice and neat.

Watch your toddler strut around like a prince while he wears his very own king’s crown!

Have you ever made party favors for your child’s birthday party? Do you have any good ideas for other eco-friendly party favors?