It finally feels like fall in San Diego and that means it’s flannel time!

This fall I borrowed my husband’s flannels quite a bit while I waited to find one of my own. My plan was to save up and buy this ethically made flannel unless I found a vintage one in the meantime.

It is no secret that I am terrible at thrifting. I have very little patience to go through stuffed racks, I get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items and to top it off, I’m allergic to dust, so I always end up having sneezing attacks while I’m shopping. But with my vow to move towards a more sustainable wardrobe, I am challenging myself to add more used pieces to my closet. So I was so psyched to find this vintage Pendleton flannel at the San Diego Vintage Flea Market last weekend.

I’m sticking to a very limited capsule wardrobe this fall so I am looking for different ways to style what I have to add variety to my outfits. When you’re only working with about 30 pieces, you have to be creative to keep it fresh!

I’ve been wearing my new flannel a lot lately and want to share with you four simple ways I’ve been styling it with other items in my capsule.

1. Buttoned Over Skinny Jeans

Red vintage Pendleton flannel + cuffed grey jeans + Pons avarcas |

For a classic flannel look, keep it simple and button it over jeans. I recommend styling with skinny jeans to balance the relaxed fit of the flannel with a fitted bottom. Leggings would look great too!

2. Loose Over a Monochromatic Outfit

Vintage Red Pendleton flannel + black high rise jeans |

My favorite thing about flannels, next to their coziness, is their individuality. You can find so many amazing colors and plaid patterns. To really showcase the beautiful fabric, I like to wear my flannel over an all black outfit. I like to see the colors pop!

3. Tucked or Tied at the Waist

Red vintage Pendleton flannel + high-rise black jeans + ethical sneakers Veja |

If you’re looking for a more fitted silhouette, flannels look great tucked or tied at the waist. This is especially true for oversized mens’ flannels. Mine is a little short and it’s tough to pull enough material to tie at the waist, so I’ve been tucking more often.

I really love the tied look – just unbutton from the bottom to the desired height and tie. Over the next few months I will be keeping my eyes peeled for a longer used flannel to add in to my winter capsule.

4. Tied Over a Dress

Red vintage Pendleton flannel tied at waist + black dress |

For a cute farm girl twist, tie your flannel high on your waist over a little black dress – or any other colored dress that coordinates with your flannel. In November, it’s still relatively warm here in San Diego, so I can go bare-legged and open-necked. If you live in a colder climate, add tights, boots and button it up!

There you have it! This is how I’ve been styling my new flannel these last few weeks. I’ve been loving the versatility of this piece. And the red plaid – so good!

Let’s chat! Do you have a flannel? How do you love to style it?



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