Another week in my minimalist wardrobe capsule and I’m already feeling bored. That’s a bad sign! I only have about 23 pieces in my closet right now, so it’s a pretty lean selection. To freshen things up a bit, I dipped into my husband’s closet and added some some menswear-inspired style to the week. Is that technically cheating on the capsule experiment since I’m not sticking to my 23 pieces? I gotta do what I gotta do!

Good news this week is that I fit into another pair of pre-baby jeans! Cheers to breastfeeding for its weight loss magic. But no cheers to breastfeeding for the hour and a half I spend every day in the lactation room at work.

Let’s get on to some of the outfits I came up with this week.

Outfit 1

pink tee + black high rise jeans + avarcas |

[Shirt: old, similar ethical| Jeans: Madewell | Sandals: Avarcas]

I’ve been playing around with knotted or tied shirts a lot lately. Since the baby, my figure has been extra curvy so the knot helps to create a more fitted (less frumpy!) look. Not sure I’m loving the center placement of the knot in this outfit. Next time I might go for a knot in the back to get the fitted look without the knot sitting front and center.

Outfit 2

menswear-inspired outfit | graphic tee + grey jeans + red toms |

[Shirt: husband’s | Jeans: Lucky Brand, similar ethical | Shoes: Toms]

Another knotted tee! This time, I borrowed my husband’s Batman t-shirt and went with the side knot. I paired the tee with my pre-baby jeans (!) and my old, reliable Toms. I like this knot placement better than the center knot because it creates an interesting asymmetrical look. I’m also really loving the contrasting colors in this outfit – cream tee, grey jeans, pop of red from the shoes. Classic Cassi!

A note on these jeans. I love, love, love this grey denim wash. But these are super-low rise jeans and I think my days of wearing that style of pants are over. I will keep these in my capsule rotation since I don’t have many other options (currently only 1 blue jean and 1 black jean). For the future, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a high-rise grey denim, preferably ethically-made.

Outfit 3

tradlands striped shirt + grey jeans + avarcas |

[Shirt: Tradlands | Jeans: Jeans: Lucky Brand, similar ethical | Sandals: Avarcas]

For this look, my Tradlands Alamere shirt made another appearance. I love the stripes and especially the contrasting pocket detail. It’s dressier than a t-shirt but just as comfortable. I can see myself wearing this weekly and will work on styling it in some more interesting ways – maybe over a dress or underneath a layering piece?

Outfit 4
menswear-inspired outfit | flannel + black jeans + vega sneakers |

[Flannel: husband’s | Tank: old, similar ethical | Leggings: old, similar ethical | Shoes: Veja]

I love, love, love flannels and often borrow this one from my husband’s closet. They are so cozy when the weather gets cooler and they come in so many cool plaid patterns and colors. It’s like every flannel shirt has it’s own personality! Also, I love the 90s, of course! I think the contrast of the oversized flannel against the fitted leggings creates a great silhouette. I’m not sure I love the Veja sneakers paired with this outfit. I probably would prefer an ankle boot, which is on my to-buy list. I’ve been eying these, but will be holding out to see if I can find a used pair.


navy shirt + black high rise jeans + red toms |

[Shirt: old, similar | Jeans: Madewell | Shoes: Toms]

Let’s talk The Tuck! I love tucking into my high-rise jeans. I was very slow to get on board this trend – I remember seeing some of the coolest girls tucking 10 years ago and I was all NO. But now that I’m there, I’m really digging. The three quarter length sleeves plus the tuck in this outfit really gets me. Pair that with the navy on black over RED and this is outfit perfection for me. Well done!

Take Homes from the Week

Novelty: I’m already getting tired of my capsule wardrobe after only 2 weeks. It feels like I’m running out of items to wear, since I’ve gone through just about everything in my closet at least once. I need to work on finding new ways to style my pieces so I can get different looks and a feeling of freshness. I’ll also be adding a select few items to my capsule over the next couple months, so that will definitely help with my options.

Accessories: I have never been big on accessories but maybe now is the time. A strategically placed necklace or belt can really pull an outfit together and might help me with my capsule boredom. I’ll be on the lookout for some cool accessories to add to my (non-existent) collection.

Menswear-inspired: This trend is so popular right now and I’m embracing it! I have plans to contrast oversized masculine with fitted feminine in the future, so we’ll see how it turns out. It helps that I can raid my husband’s closet for a little inspiration.

What do you think? Do you have any menswear-inspired outfits? Do you love flannel as much as I do? Let’s chat!

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