My Motivation

A little over a month ago, I decided to try out a capsule wardrobe after reading about them for a few years. I never tried it before because it seemed like too much work. I’d have to clean out my closet and spend time planning my wardrobe. Planning outfits is not something I ever prioritized before – I would impulse buy random articles of clothing that caught my eye while I was shopping, ignoring what was already in my closet. That’s how I ended up a closet stuffed with lots of things I never wore.

To make matters more complicated, I have been pregnant and/or nursing for the past two and a half years. That means my shape has been changing a lot so it never felt like a good time to assess my wardrobe. But after the birth of my second and last baby this summer, I was ready to start working towards a more permanent post-baby body. So it seemed like a good time to work on my closet too.

My Plan

After getting rid of everything that no longer fit or I no longer liked wearing, I hammered out a plan for rebuilding my closet. I recently made a commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle, so acquiring items in a sustainable way is very important to me. That means making sure I REALLY need the item in question and trying first to find it second-hand. If I can’t, I’m only buying items from companies that use ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes. You can read more about my sustainable closet goals here.

On my short list to buy: sneakers, boots, jeans and layering pieces. I planned to buy the pieces as my budget allowed over the course of a few months. So far, I’ve found sustainably-made sneakers that I love, a thrifted flannel, a few sustainably-made button-down shirts and a pair of high-rise black jeans.

Still on my list are a pair of leather boots for when fall finally arrives in San Diego (maybe soon??) and a cardigan for layering. I’ve been hitting the thrift stores to no avail so I might bite the bullet and buy new as a Christmas gift to myself.

My Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe

From the start, I knew that I would be making up my own rules for my capsule wardrobe. I wanted to stick to somewhere around 30-40 pieces (shirts, pants, dresses, layering pieces, shoes), but decided my wardrobe will probably be fluid as I add in and remove pieces over time. Strict capsule enthusiasts claim you should not buy any new items once the capsule season has begun. This is not an option for me because I started with a skeleton closet after doing a huge closet purge. I will continue buying very specific items (no more impulse buys!) as necessary.

So here it is, the current state of my postpartum capsule wardrobe:

Postpartum capsule wardrobe fall 2017 |

[Black Lace Top (H&M old, similar, similar ethical) | Black Tank (Ann Taylor old, similar, similar ethical) | White Tank (Ann Taylor old, similar, similar ethical) | Navy Tank (A Pea in the Pod, similar ethical non-maternity)]

[Black Tee (Everlane) | Grey Tee (Everlane)| Striped Tee (Motherhood Maternity, similar ethical non-maternity) | Striped Shirt (Tradlands)]

[Pink Tee (Target, similar ethical) | Green Tee (Target old) | Patterned Silk Top (Nordstrom old, similar) | Chambray Shirt (Rails, similar ethical)]

[Umber Flowy Top (Anthropologie old, similar, similar ethical) | Cream Long Sleeve Shirt (Madewell old, similar) | Patterned Long Sleeve Shirt (Nordstrom old, similar)]

[Striped Long Sleeve Shirt (Lucky Brand old, similar, similar ethical) | Vintage Flannel (thrifted, similar, similar ethical, similar <$80)| White Linen Button Down (Tradlands, similar <$70)]

[Navy Tunic (Tradlands) | Patterned Tunic (old) | Black Leggings (old, similar ethical)| Tan Sandals (Nisolo secondhand from Poshmark) | Black Espadrilles (Seychelles old, similar, similar ethical)]

[Blue Straight Leg Jeans (Lucky Brand, similar ethical) | Grey Low Rise Skinnys (Lucky Brand, similar ethical )| Black High Rise Skinnys (Madewell ) | Red Toms (Toms) | Taupe Pons (Avarcas) | White Sneakers (Veja)]