You can see my first five outfits here and read my initial thoughts on the challenge here.

My first 10×10 challenge is in the books and I’m ready to call it a wrap. I learned a few things, wore a few duds, and made some new #10x10friends. It’s nice to be back in my full closet, but honestly, even my full closet feels pretty bare bones these days. I’m still grabbing for a lot of my 10×10 pieces, and now that I know how to wear them, getting dressed is a snap.

I thought I’d take a page out of Lee’s book and answer her 10×10 assessment questions to really unpack the experience. But first, my overall thoughts and the second half of my outfits.


I’d say the biggest benefit of this challenge was that I sat down and brainstormed 10 unique outfit combinations from pieces I had sitting in my closet. It’s very easy to feel the magnetic pull of consumerism when you think you have nothing to wear. If you’re trying to do the right thing for the environment and say no to fast fashion, becoming content with what you own is key. This challenge certainly helped with my closet contentment by showing me that I actually have a ton of outfits that I can be wearing with what I already own.

My Second Five Outfits

Outfit 6

Green army jacket + striped tee + black denim + chelsea boots | 2018 winter 10x10 outfit 6 |

[Green Army Jacket (Lucky Brand, old, similar) | Striped Cotton Shirt (Tradlands) | Black Skinny Denim (Madewell, similar ethical) | Chelsea Boots (Nisolo)]

After keeping it mostly dichromatic for the first five days, it felt good to spruce things up with this striped tee. I think the contrast of the dark green army jacket over the light grey stripes works really well. I tried to get creative a few weeks ago, and I wore this striped shirt underneath my vintage plaid flannel but it was way too busy. I’m glad I figured out a winning combination for layering this tee, because even though it’s February and its 80 DEGREES in San Diego, sometimes I do need to wear layers.

Outfit 7

Oversized Sweater + Black Denim + Chelsea Boots | 2018 Winter 10x10 Outfit 7 |

[Oversized Sweater (thrifted, similar ethical) | Black Skinny Denim (Madewell, similar ethical) | Chelsea Boots (Nisolo)]

A simple outfit for a lazy weekend. The Chelsea boots took the outfit from basically loungewear to a chic ensemble. Even though I’m still unsure about their leather soles, these boots are becoming a staple item. They look great with every outfit I’ve tried them with.

Outfit 8

Striped tee + Boyfriend Denim + White Sneakers | 2018 Winter 10x10 |

[Striped Cotton Shirt (Tradlands) |  Blue Boyfriend Denim (Everlane) | Sneakers (Veja)]

This outfit was very blah for me. Something about the color palate rubbed me the wrong way. But in all honesty, I will likely wear this time and time again because it is so simple – just a comfy tee and jeans – a standard theme in my daily outfits.

Outfit 9

Navy Tunic + Black Denim + Chelsea Boots | 2018 Winter 10x10 |

[Navy Tunic (Tradlands) | Black Skinny Denim (Madewell, similar ethical) | Chelsea Boots (Nisolo)]

One of my goals for this challenge was to figure out how I feel comfortable wearing this tunic. This outfit nailed it. While it may be a bit uninspired – just a tunic over skinny jeans – it works. This is a little dressier than what I normally wear day-to-day, but I’ll reserve it for date nights and special occasions.

Outfit 10

Green Army Jacket + Navy Tunic + Black Denim + White Sneakers | 2018 Winter 10x10 |

[Green Army Jacket (Lucky Brand, old, similar) | Navy Tunic (Tradlands) | Black Skinny Denim (Madewell, similar ethical) | Chelsea Boots (Nisolo)]

This outfit is essentially the same as Outfit 9, but with a jacket over top. It was the last day of the challenge and I was feeling unmotivated, OK? I think it has a cool military vibe, but it might be out of the realm of what I feel comfortable wearing.

What was your #winter10x10 challenge goal?

I had three:

  1. To get out of my comfort zone.
  2. To get familiar with my navy tunic.
  3. To get inspired.

Did you achieve it?

Yes, yes and yes!

There were a few outfits that were well out of my comfort zone, especially those featuring my navy tunic. It felt good to break free of my usual tee and jeans uniform, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up without the motivation of the challenge. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

I wore the tunic for a whopping four out of ten outfits, so it’s safe to say I got very familiar with it. However, the way I enjoyed wearing it most (Outfit 9) was the one way that I had already worn it in the past. So, you could say that I got to know my tunic pretty well didn’t really like what I saw. Maybe it’s time to sell it on Poshmark.

I absolutely was inspired by the great community participating during the challenge. It was fun to check in on Instagram every day and see what people were wearing. I definitely got some great ideas for some possible future additions to my wardrobe.

What did you learn about personal style?

A new and interesting thing that I learned during these ten days is that I don’t really like the look of an open button down. This is very interesting because previously, I would never ever wear shirts buttoned because I didn’t think it looked very flattering. But after comparing pictures from Outfit 3 where I wore my chambray buttoned and Outfit 5 where I wore it open, it was pretty obvious that I like the buttoned look better. One great benefit of photo-documenting the challenge.

What was your 10×10 MVP?

Hands down, my Chelsea boots were the clear winner. I wore them for five days and didn’t get tired of them. They’re so versatile and comfortable, I think I’ll be wearing them for a long time to come.

Were there any pieces you would consider a mistake?

I wouldn’t say that anything was a mistake because I think all of my pieces were equally represented across the ten days. However, I did find that the navy tunic might not really be my cup of tea so I’d say it was a mistake for my wardrobe in general, but not for this challenge.

Were your items weather appropriate?

The weather in San Diego is ridiculous right now. When the challenge started, the temperatures were in the mid-60s during the day and my layering pieces worked perfectly. However, by the end of the challenge, daytime temperatures were in the 80s and it got a little uncomfortable when I was in my tunic. But I guess it’s my fault for not checking the weather. When you live in southern California, you just assume that the temperature will be pretty consistent from day-to-day. Lesson learned!

What items didn’t get paired?

I didn’t try layering my chambray over the navy tunic, but now that I’m reviewing my photos, I think the colors are very complimentary and it could work.

What was your favorite outfit?

My winner was Outfit 7. I value comfort highly and this outfit definitely delivered on that front. But what took it over the top was the addition of the Chelsea boots to step up the stylishness of the look. Style + Comfort = Win.

If you participated in the challenge, what did you think? Would you do it again?

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